Monday, January 17, 2005

Wheeln this Sat.

Well the gang is going out again this weekend. I will hopefully have most of the leaks patched up by this Sat. I have an Edelbrock 650 carb and an Edelbrock stage 1 alum. intake I am putting on this week. This should lighten it up a tiny bit. When you get down to it this really doesn't do a damn thing but make me feel good. It has a bit better pathing for the fuel/air mixture but all in all saving 30 lbs on the top end of the motor isn't going to make a lot of difference. Anyway I have to tear the intake and valve covers off anyway so I am going to make it all Edelbrock so it looks nice. The first run it will all be covered in mud and I will never clean it so it is pointless but like I said, it makes me feel good. So this Saturday @ 8:30 I should be rolling to TSF to see how the old Blazer holds up once again. :)


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