Monday, September 29, 2008

Florenc ATV Trip (Sept 27th and 28th)

Well, Dave and I got up @ 4:30, dragged ourselves to the prepacked trucks w/Quads and started the drive to Florence from Cornelius. We took 26 to 217 to I5. It took almost 4 hours with a stop for breakfast in Eugene at the Ye Olde Pancake House. It was a local version of Shari's and was quite good. After chowing down we headed to Florence South Jetty. We got to a 2 acre property owned by Dave's coworked Stan. We met up with Ed, Stans neighbor, and he mentioned the day use parking lot was filling up fast so we turned around and parked at the second day use staging area with all our gear. Ed, Stan's neighbor is 75 years old and has two 400ex quads. He loaded up and followed us to the parking site. We unloaded and hit the dunes. Ed showed us around all morning and ran some pretty cool trails. We broke for lunch and chowed down on sandwiches and cheese puff's which, Bitzy, Ed's dog, thouroughly enjoyed as well. We hit the dunes again and Ed rolled his quad on the second tree island south of S. Jetty. I thought the worst. Dave and I rushed over on our quads and help him up along with the quad. Ed was fine. His 75 year old bones were in better shape than mine I tell you. This guy was amazing. I hope I am still able to ride a quad at 75.
We finished up the day portion of our ride around 4:30 ish and headed back to setup camp. Stan's camp site resembled a waste recycling facillity complete with old trailers and spare parts from various unfinished projects. I can't complain, it was close and free! We setup camp tents and dining canopy and headed out around 6:45 for a night ride. Wow, I have never done a night ride on a quad and I am not sure I will again. It was pretty wild. You couldn't see over the approaching drop off, "Razor Backs" as they are called, so it made for an interesting ride. We rode till we were about to get kicked out around 10:00 pm and got out of there before they locked the gate.
Back at camp we had a few drinks, burgers, and enjoyed the raging camp fire for a few hours. At roughly midnight I think we decided to crash. I just want to say that all air matresses SUCK! I have yet to find one that doesn't leak! Needless to say after a rough nights sleep I woke up to a coyote and a black dog barking and howling. After the mutts left we got up and hit the dunes again. This time we were a bit sore from the previous rides but we still ripped it up pretty good. Old Ed had to get goin as he ran out of gas and flipped over to reserve so we followed him out. Dave and I packed up camp and headed for home. We stopped at good old Dairy Queen for a healthy lunch and made in home around 5:30 ish.


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