Monday, July 25, 2005

Working on website (Videos)

Life seems to get in the way but I managed to get some more video up on the site.
I acquired a dvd from a fellow wheeler who was with me on most of these runs. The problem is I had to get it from the DVD format to a format I could work with. AVI is preferred but it creates a large file. I filled my 80 gig drive on my main system so I am using the 40 gig USB drive as my storage area for now. The I/O sucks but hey what are you gonna do. I have a 200 gig Linux workstation box and a 50 gig Linux fileserver that I normally use but they are offline at the moment. So anyway, I decided to rip from DVD to MPEG format. That was a mistake. Even with the highest quality output the audio sucks! I use Pinacle Studio and Adobe Premier to render and create my videos and I must say this last batch "OBH Run" really sux. If any of you out there are video guru's send me and email with a better way.


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