Monday, July 25, 2005

Working on the Blazer

I spent about 4 hours working on the Blazer last week. I replaced the stock intake with an Edelbrock performer and obviously replaced the thermostat. The reason I mention this is I have been having overheating problems. I decided to replace the clutch fan ($75) as well. I was pleased when I was able to pop the distributor back in the same place without any issues. Anyway with the new intake and clutch fan things seem to be working just fine. I went up last week with a bunch of OBH (Oregon Bush Hacker) guys and Shane, with his new Sami and had a little fun. Nothing worthy of video however! I will be heading up to the forest again on the 31st so stay tuned. It should be some good video as all of my crew now own video cam corders! :)


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