Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Darrell's first run and almost my last

So I took a buddy/coworker of mine to Mudfest a few weeks ago. He enjoyed it so much the following week he bought a truck. That very next weekend we went to Tillamook State Forest and beat it up.

Check out the videos here:
http://www.wheeln.com/4x4_runs/4x4_runs_frameset.htm --> click on TSF 03/19/2005

It was supposed to be a light 4x4 run. It turned out to be moderate to difficult.
For those of you familiar with TSF we did the entire Archers run. We bypassed Archers Waterfall though. :) There was a guy in a International Scout who had just rolled it on the fall. We figured we would not follow in his footsteps. :)

All for now

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mud Fest

Well Mud fest this year was awesome. They sold 3000 tickets. I estimate about 1200 trucks slamming through the mud. www.themud.com is the place to see this years fun.
My website was down for a bit but it is back online now.
A friend took some video and I will render it as soon as I can.