Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Last Sunday's Wheeln Event @ TSF

This past Sunday was pretty cool. The gang met at McDonalds on Sunday @ 8:30 am. Jason=Jeep, Shane=Black Blazer, Gary=Ford PU, Warren=Silver Samurai, Kevin=Bronco, and Jarrod = Red Blazer passenger Kevin C. We gassed up and ate breakfast and left @ 9:00am. Shelly and her crew didn’t show. She sent an email later stating she just couldn’t wake up.  Anyway we convoyed to Rodgers Camp, locked in the hubs, aired down, and Linh showed up in his custom 4 runner with the exoskeleton. FRS radios were set to channel 3 and we headed off to Archers via Powerline road. Powerline was uneventful for the most part except we lost Warren and Gary as we traveled to Archers.
Anyway we finally hooked up thanks to the radios and went up Canopener. Jarrod put a 8 inch hole in the canopy of the Blazer and lost a bunch of brake fluid due to an old reservoir cap and worn out zip tie.  Time for a new reservoir and cap. The little silver Sami made it up everything. I was totally blown away. It is pretty stock with open diffs. The little 60 hp motor revved up the hill with some trouble but he made it. He even made it up Archers waterfall with a little help from the Braille Trail.
I didn’t make it up Archers waterfall because my damn Blazer died ¾ of the way up the hill. The tach lead melted off. Shane and I repaired the wire on a ~50 degree incline on top of a hot motor. Don’t try this at home boys and girls. Kevin C. held the brakes so the truck wouldn’t slide down the hill as we were fixing the pile of $h!T.
Anyway after about an hour of cranking, jumping and dumping fuel in the carb we got it back down the hill. I plan on fixing everything before the next run.
Linh drove his Yota up a tree. I am not exaggerating. Look for the pix coming soon.
Anyway, I gotta get outta here but look forward to the video’s and pix on the site by this weekend.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

One of my 4x4 clubs

Finally the Brail Trail has a site other than the Yahoo group.


It is late.. that is all I am going to say...... :)
Anyone even read this? Heheheh :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

wheelers who like pictures and video

Ok.. Picasa2 is out as of yesterday and if you manage a website or just want to use a freaking awesome tool that is free you need to download Picasa2. I have been using Photoshop7 for a long time now and it is great. The problem is with video. I want to use the first frame of the video for the thumbnail on my site. It may be a feature in Photoshop but I don't know where it is. Anyway Picasa not only builds your site for you but it manages this thumbnail for you just like Adobe Photoshop does for you with your images.
Anyway it is a wonderful image and video tool that is free. It is available @ http://www.picasa.com
Have fun,

Monday, January 17, 2005

Wheeln this Sat.

Well the gang is going out again this weekend. I will hopefully have most of the leaks patched up by this Sat. I have an Edelbrock 650 carb and an Edelbrock stage 1 alum. intake I am putting on this week. This should lighten it up a tiny bit. When you get down to it this really doesn't do a damn thing but make me feel good. It has a bit better pathing for the fuel/air mixture but all in all saving 30 lbs on the top end of the motor isn't going to make a lot of difference. Anyway I have to tear the intake and valve covers off anyway so I am going to make it all Edelbrock so it looks nice. The first run it will all be covered in mud and I will never clean it so it is pointless but like I said, it makes me feel good. So this Saturday @ 8:30 I should be rolling to TSF to see how the old Blazer holds up once again. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Blazer caught on fire!

Well most of us have rigs that need a lot of tender loving care. My second mid 80's blazer leaks every fluid but fuel. I figured this is sort of natural for a truck I rarely drive and maintain only to the point I can take it out and beat the hell out of it. When I was a mechanic I used to work on my rig every other day because I had the resources, lift, tools, and facilities. Anyway I am here to tell you that I am changing my ways.

I had to jump out of my rig on a 60 degree snow/ice hill and put out a fire on the left side of the motor. Oil and power steering fluid spewed out on my headers. I had seconds until the fire caught the entire motor and luckily I had my trusty extinguisher with me. I will be taking the top half of the motor off and sealing everything up. I am no longer going to say....."awww it is fine... I will just keep adding fluids..." :) Anyway thanks for reading and have fun wheeln!

Jarrod http://www.wheeln.com

Friday, January 07, 2005

1st Post

This is my forum to chat about 4x4's.