Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mudfest 2006 was cool but packed!

Well this year was just as packed as last year. It was so packed it almost sucked. I did have a ball though. I ran the obstical race track in 1:38 while tools and shit were hitting me in the back of the head. Darrell was my codriver and both of us had to hang on for dear life as we rounded turns and hit the jumps but it was fun in a full sized Blazer. We ran the hill climb 3 times or so and made it without issue in the center and left side. We did all the bowls and decided to grab burgers for lunch. After we filled up on beer and burgers we decided to see if we could break something. Well it didn't take long. We hit one of the straight up and woopty doo'd bowls full throttle. We launched off the top and got air but I snapped the drivers side axel Ujoint when we came down. It grenaded both ends of the axel shafts. Oh well it was toward the end of day anyway. That is what they are for, having fun and breaking them so you have something to work on. :)