Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hot day in Tillamook

Shane and I decided to head out to TSF, Tillamook State Forest and do some wheen.
Shane broke his transfer case but had it rolling in a half hour. I jammed in the driver door a bit and torward the end of the day did something to the carb. It is running strange now. Anyway we did 7up, Archers and a few other runs.
Here is a hairy pic.......

Monday, July 25, 2005

Forum on Wheeln dot Com now!

I downloaded and installed php my admin and have been playing around with My SQL a bit. I haven't had the time to make it all work but I stumbled across a free packaged forum. I decided I would use it until I got my own up and running. It is called Pro Boards.

I have just started using it but so far so good.

Anyway if you are into 4x4's join up and post or at least check it out.
My forum link can be found at the top of

Working on the Blazer

I spent about 4 hours working on the Blazer last week. I replaced the stock intake with an Edelbrock performer and obviously replaced the thermostat. The reason I mention this is I have been having overheating problems. I decided to replace the clutch fan ($75) as well. I was pleased when I was able to pop the distributor back in the same place without any issues. Anyway with the new intake and clutch fan things seem to be working just fine. I went up last week with a bunch of OBH (Oregon Bush Hacker) guys and Shane, with his new Sami and had a little fun. Nothing worthy of video however! I will be heading up to the forest again on the 31st so stay tuned. It should be some good video as all of my crew now own video cam corders! :)

Working on website (Videos)

Life seems to get in the way but I managed to get some more video up on the site.
I acquired a dvd from a fellow wheeler who was with me on most of these runs. The problem is I had to get it from the DVD format to a format I could work with. AVI is preferred but it creates a large file. I filled my 80 gig drive on my main system so I am using the 40 gig USB drive as my storage area for now. The I/O sucks but hey what are you gonna do. I have a 200 gig Linux workstation box and a 50 gig Linux fileserver that I normally use but they are offline at the moment. So anyway, I decided to rip from DVD to MPEG format. That was a mistake. Even with the highest quality output the audio sucks! I use Pinacle Studio and Adobe Premier to render and create my videos and I must say this last batch "OBH Run" really sux. If any of you out there are video guru's send me and email with a better way.