Saturday, February 11, 2012

4x4 Trip Feb 11 2012

Today was my first trip out in my Jeep in 2 years. I broke the rear end in Dec of 2009 and broke my ankle in 2010. After surgeries on the ankle and the Jeep I am back up and running again. The TJ is sporting a narrowed dana 60 in the rear and a fuel cell behind the rear bench seat. I didn't know how well my welding jobs were and was curious to see what would happen. Everything held up fine!

OBH member Mark "Wineguy" met me @ Rogers camp in Tillamook State Forest this morning. We hooked up with another random guy and his wife and rolled out.
Mark = TJ - Silver
Me - Jarrod 99 TJ - Red
Fred and wife Angie - blue and purple flamed Suzuki X90 lifted and locked

We hit Firebreak Five, Saddle up, Hogs Back, and Archers. Everything went fairly easy until I attempted Can Opener, but no dice. It was way to slippery. We then hit waterfall and met up with Kenney from the Just Wheelin group.
Mark tried the right side of Waterfall several times and decided to bag it. I made it up waterfall after finding the sweet spot! I ran it again just to be sure. :)
We BS'd for a bit and decided to head home. All in all it was a fun and successful trip.