Saturday, September 23, 2006

Samurai in the woods

I sent out a mail to OBH and Braille Trail groups.

Looks like Todd Brooks and I were the only ones who made it to Tillamook State Forest today Sept 23.

Todd brought his son Dominick and I brought my dog Duke.

We started off on Firebreak 5 and ended on Archers. In between we did Hogsback, Saddleup and a few others I have forgotten. Anyway it was a lot of fun and I broke in the Sammy. The only thing remotely broken is a few new rattles in Todd's Jeep and a known rear driver side bearing on its way out for my Sammy.

Here are few pics of the outing in case anyone wished to take a gander.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sand Lake in the Sammy

Well I finally got around to fix'n up the Samurai well enough to beat up on her. I ventured out to the Pacific Coast south of Tillamook Oregon to explore the sand dunes. It was fun but the little 1.3 liter on 33" tires was not a good combo for big hills made of sand. I had to get a serious high speed run at them even to come close to the top. Here are a few pics. SAMMY_SAND_LAKE